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Welcome, friends, to the digital domicile of Joshua Melgoza, protector of mankind, friend to small animals, and perpetual artist in training. In my alternate slug form I rest before defending the planet from the merciless tangerine lizard from space. With Life as my constant guide, I roam with minimal inertia from one adventure to the next. I express universal love to the dust particles and particulate matter with a bear hug embrace.

Story of my life update!


  • Zachary just got back from Guatemala, (and is in desperate need of a haircut/shower combo.
  • The Forbiden One seems not to be so hopeless as before.
  • Mikala and I have become distant. :(
  • Rediscovering jazz classics.
  • Midnight tea parties.
  • Defenestrating myself.
  • Firetruck STILLĀ a pain in my ass. Getting to the point where I may have to talk to Ratliff about it.
  • Essay for Mr. Henn is simply amazing.
— 2 years ago
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